Ways to Prepare your Home for Sale

Clean and Organize

  • Scrub every nook and cranny
  • Clear out the clutter
  • Remove personal items
  • Organize your closets and drawers
  • Shampoo your carpets

Mend and Fix

  • Tackle that to-do list
  • Repaint walls in a fresh neutral color
  • Update kitchen and bathroom fixtures, faucets, and hinges
  • Boost the curb appeal, freshen up the front door and sidewalk

Enhance and Beautify

  • Get rid of bulky or worn furniture
  • Give each room a clear purpose
  • Add spa details to your bathroom like candles, flowers, and matching towels and accessories
  • Create conversation areas with remaining furniture
  • Create focal points to highlight special features

Prepare for an Open House

  • Eliminate strong odors
  • Add potted plants and fresh flowers
  • Wash the windows to let in the natural light
  • Add high wattage light bulbs
  • Pack away all private information
  • Clear out all of the medication and safely store elsewhere